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Exercise ball exercises are varied in numbers and their degree of intensity Tim Hardaway Jr. Jersey , yet they are are used for thousands of exercise plans around the world each and every day. The pilates ball allows anyone to exercise a gym ball workout in the comfort of their own home, without having to venture out to the gym or pay for a professional personal trainer.

For home based fitness workouts, the gym ball can be used in a number of super effective exercises Tiago Splitter Jersey , and the following are just some of the most well-known and effective you can implement within your exercise schedule.

Abdominal Crunch

The first, and probably most common of all exercise ball exercises is the abdominal crunch. Like normal crunches, you're performing the crunching motion for the benefit of your stomach muscles Taurean Prince Jersey , but with the gym ball supporting your upper back and torso. This creates an extra elevation on the crunch to help pinpoint the core muscles and build strength and definition in no time, and is safe to be performed by individuals of all ages and fitness levels. It also has the added bonus of reducing back strain, which often prevents people from completing regular crunches.

The plank

Another of the more prevalent exercise ball exercises you're likely to see should you head out to your local gym is the plank Spud Webb Jersey , which is designed to improve strength and tone core muscles. Keeping the back and legs straight, position your arms such that your forearms rest against the ball and support your weight. Make sure your arms are at 45 degrees, and you are maintaining a straight back throughout. Hold this position for thirty seconds to feel the effects.

Exercise ball exercises are not just reduced to building core strength - they can also be used as part of warm-up and cool-down sessions Pete Maravich Jersey , and so can be incorporate for the full workout. Whether you choose to work out solely on the ball or encompass other activities, the fitness ball is the ideal companion for your fitness regime.

Knee Bridge

The knee bridge is designed to tone your buttocks and help stretch out those crucial hamstrings. Lying with you back flat on the floor and your knees bent over the exercise ball (so that they run parallel to the ground), push your hips and buttocks upwards and hold the position Paul Millsap Jersey , before returning back to your original position. The more accentuated the movement, and the more pronounced the hold period, the more effective you'll find the knee bridge.

Elevated Push-up

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