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Does the Blaux Portable AC need a power connection? Because the Blaux Portable AC unit is a mobile refrigeration unit, you don't need a power connection. The device is equipped with batteries, which ensures flexible use. During operation, the cooling device consumes 1 Watt. If you use the device in the first wind stage, the power is sufficient for 8 hours. If you set the unit to the first stage, a charge will last for 4.5 hours. With the third stage, you have a possible use of 2.5 hours. Via USB it is possible to recharge the cooling unit quickly and easily at any time. Can the cooler also be used in the bedroom? The Blaux Portable AC Cooler produces a maximum volume of 40 dB. For this reason, the device does not have any disturbing effect. It can be used in the bedroom and office without any problems. According to the manufacturer, the volume is much higher with a fan or large air conditioning systems.





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