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Why is it so difficult to track and recover stolen Bitcoins?

I have to admit that I don't fully understand the Bitcoin protocol. But from what I understand, transactions are traceable - it's the main reason decentralization works - the world can observe and confirm that a transaction is legitimate.

Why then can we not observe when a thief tries to collect or exchange a Bitcoin that we know has been stolen?

As Robert Wagner writes:

1 in 14 Bitcoins is now stolen property, and there are many laws governing stolen property.

What am i missing here? With so many Bitcoins identified as "stolen", why can't they be traced, recovered, and returned to their rightful owner?

how to track and recover stolen bitcoin

Is it possible to track and recover stolen bitcoin? Victims of scammers could turn to ReclaimCrypto, a service provided by experts from the legal and cybersecurity fields, which promises to bring back BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies into the hands of their owner, while making the scammers pay ...

What do they do to recover stolen Bitcoin?
By its exposed credentials, Reclaim Crypto could apparently muster the technical and legal capabilities to recover stolen Bitcoin.

The process depends on the type of fraud, but usually includes searching for evidence of misappropriated funds, contacting other victims, filing a class action lawsuit, as well as opening investigations of all kinds with the use of technologies aimed at tracking and asset recovery.

Its cost varies depending on the value of the stolen cryptocurrencies, their location and the jurisdictions involved, degree of cooperation from other relevant parties, among other factors.

Confirm performs advanced analysis of transaction history, using large-scale intelligent data analysis.

According to the company, it has developed "the world's most extensive structured database of blockchain transactions and off-chain data."

Kroll, for his part, is dedicated to issuing court orders, for example for an ISP provider to display details about an IP address, as well as using former FBI and CIA agents to explore the deep web in search of activities associated with funds. stolen.
According to the company told CoinDesk, Kroll has collaborated in locating thieves in Europe who stole bitcoins for $ 27.8 million.

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