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US presidential debates have proven to be entertaining to the Chinese public nike air max free shipping uk , who have made tons of memes of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and edited funny videos on social media.

Some Chinese Web users used VPNs to watch the third presidential debate Thursday morning, Beijing time, held at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. A webpage hashtag "The Presidential Debate" on Sina Weibo was viewed 800 million times as of press time, and had 339 nike air max wholesale uk ,000 posts.

"Chinese Net users have shown greater interest in this year's presidential election. That's because Clinton could be the first female US president, while Trump is unpopular within his own party. Moreover, they face numerous scandals," Liu Weidong nike air max trainers uk , a research fellow at the Institute of American Studies of the China Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times on Thursday.

Liu said it shows Chinese people care more about burning international issues to get a sense of the future of Sino-US relations. Some Chinese favor Trump over Clinton since he once praised China. But a more aggressive and tougher policy towards China will be adopted by the US government no matter who wins, said Liu.

Unlike the US public who may feel strongly about the candidates' views on immigration, gun control and medical care nike air max uk , most Chinese netizens watched the debate for kicks, as such scenes are foreign to a country with a different political system.

In one of the videos uploaded on Sina Weibo, netizens edited scenes from the debate to make it appear like the candidates were looking deeply at each other while singing a Chinese song in the antiphonal style.

"It's hilarious to see the two rivals, who slammed each other during the debates cheap air max mens uk , appear harmonious in the video. Should voters choose the one who some say has mental problems or the one with health problems? I think it's a tough choice for Americans to make," Net user "lucydaniu" said.

The moderator of the third debate, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, also shared the limelight cheap air max womens uk , with some netizens unearthing his ties with China: his father, Mike Wallace, interviewed two former Chinese leaders - Deng Xiaoping in 1986 and Jiang Zemin in 2000. Wallace's father has become a household name in China after Jiang openly praised him by saying he is "head and shoulders above" Hong Kong journalists in 2001.

A CNN poll showed that 52 percent of those who watched the third debate think Clinton won, with 39 percent favoring Trump. This is a closer margin than the second debate on October 9 cheap air max shoes uk , with 57 percent saying Clinton won as against 34 percent for Trump.

Many Chinese media outlets, including ifeng, provided live broadcasts of the debate and uploaded video footage on their websites or official Sina Weibo accounts.

Lucid dreaming is the name given for the state where the body is asleep but the mind is aware of its dreaming state. This is the state where there is control of the dreams to a certain level or extent. So the lucid dreams are classified as high and low lucidity.

During a low lucidity dream state you will have some awareness that you are dreaming, but you wonít know whether you will wake up or when.

A high lucidity dream state is different because you are fully aware of what is happening and know that it is only a dream that will end soon.

Lucid dreaming can be a great experience for many people which is why it is becoming more and more popular around the world.

Before you try lucid dreaming cheap air max online uk , here are a few tips to help you to learn to do it properly.

First of all, before you start your lucid dreams, make sure that your body and mind are calmed. Relax completely and take away any clutter out of your mind. Remind yourself several times to remember your dreams completely and get a dream journal to help you do that.

Second, it is also important that you donít drink any alcohol or take any type of medication prior to attempting lucid dreaming.

Thirdly cheap air max free shipping uk , do not eat right before you are going off to sleep. In doing that, you will let your mind to focus more on the food digestion instead of dream recalling.

Last, after you wake up donít waste your time in quick recovery but rather recalling things you dreamt in your last dreams by closing your eyes in a slow motion. Write whatever you recalled in your dream journal as soon as you remember those. All these will fur then the process for better capture by your lifestyle.

The first technique of lucid dreaming is known as the Reality Check. In this method, you do frequent checks in order to ascertain whether you are in your dream world or reality.

These are things like trying to walk through a wall or fly away. If you can make yourself do these things then you know you obviously arenít experiencing real life and must be dreaming in a lucid state. If you continue to do these reality checks frequently you will help your mind enter a lucid dreaming state.

The second technique is called the MILD technique where you realize you are falling asleep but stop yourself. This helps you in recognizing and interpreting dream signs for better control over them. A great way to achieve it is to set your alarm so you have five hours of continuous sleep.

Usually the clock is set for about five hours. You need to awake your self for one hour then and try to recall all that you did in your lucid dreaming. Then lie down and go back to sleep. When you do this cheap air max wholesale uk , you teach your body to take advantage of what is known as REM sleep, the sleep that is most often producing dreaming. Learn the MILD technique and your lucid dreaming will be easier.

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